The Hub is a self-contained platform featuring all of Millbrook Medical Conferences’ live and past e-conference content from the past two years, with more content added every month.

Conferences currently within the Hub include CTO, BISMICS, IVCC, The Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course and B.R.A.I.N. In addition, you will find Abbott, Teleflex and Heartflow webinars, as well as a range of COVID-19 focussed webinars from the last two years.

The Hub can be found by clicking ‘Millbrook Hub’ within the navigation bar on the Millbrook website. You don’t have to have registered for each conference to access the content, as long as you have access to the Hub, you can view all of the on-demand education we have available.

As well as past conferences and webinars, the Hub will also feature live upcoming e-conferences. You will only be able to view live conferences if you are registered for them, but once any of our free courses are available on-demand, everyone can access. Paid for courses will only be available to those that have registered.

Once an e-conference has been broadcast live, it will be available on the Hub to view on-demand within the next few days.

If you have registered for one of our e-conferences in the past, you will automatically have access to the Hub using the same login details. If you haven’t attended an e-conference previously, fill out the form and our team will be in touch to grant you access.

Click here to access the Millbrook Hub.

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