Today, we’re introducing you to Matt Daly, our webinar whizz. Matt is in his 30th year of events management after starting from as an apprentice for Coventry City Council way back in 1993, congratulations! His first conference was centred around the 90s craze line dancing, which he volunteered to lead on yet strongly affirms line dancing is not his thing.

Following the success of the first conference, Matt was given five more meetings within that first year focused on sport, such as swimming, football and golf; the latter being right up his street!

Like Tilly, Matt is very well-travelled having run events in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Spain, France, USA and Australia. He has organised meetings at some amazing places like Sydney Opera House, The MCG, The Burj Khalida and Universal Studios Orlando.

He then created and ran his own events company in Sydney, Australia, from 2011-2015 and we’re pleased to hear that it’s still going strong today!

Matt joined Millbrook in June 2019 initially on a one-year contract as he was working as a freelance events manager on his return from Australia. That then became a permanent contract in February 2020, with Matt being hired as an Executive Conference Manager.

Keep reading to get an insight into planning an event at Millbrook Medical Conferences…

What conferences are you currently planning for?

I’m currently planning for the IAU meeting in October, the Shockwave AICT meeting in November and the 2023 BRAIN Conference in December. These are the largest conferences I’m involved with alongside some smaller meetings like CORE PAD for Abbott and some Shockwave calcium meetings.”

What is your day looking like today?

Over the next few days, I’m visiting venues to assess their suitability for meetings. I’m also measuring up at two venues for the exhibition for IAU and BRAIN alongside our H&S manager.

“I’m editing some videos from some previous meetings; a skill that I acquired during lockdown when all our meetings were online.

“Myself and my colleague Shalome will be on site for the WMPA meeting on Friday 7 July 2023 to ensure it runs smoothly.

“In addition, I’m attending a business network event in Nottingham for our new sister company Millbrook Conferences and Events to promote the new business.”

What do you enjoy most about work?

“The thing I enjoy the most is working with the fantastic Millbrook team. I believe we all work well together which creates a really positive atmosphere where we feel motivated, supported and valued. We also have some great suppliers like Talking Slides, Creative62 and The Jade Studio who are good to work with.

“Building good relationships with venues like the Royal College of Physicians make life easier when planning for conferences. I also enjoy working with some amazing clients like Shockwave and Abbott who trust us to deliver first-class meetings for them.”

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Matt! Visit to browse all our upcoming conferences, including some of the ones mentioned earlier, and see if anything takes your fancy!

Millbrook offers several event management services from venue sourcing and society administration to organising face-to-face, hybrid, e-Conferences and webinars. If you have a conference idea that you’d like to turn into a reality, a query about one of our conferences, or are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at a meeting, please email, or call 01455 552559 to see how we can help!

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