In the year England’s Lionesses missed out on glory at the Women’s World Cup and Disney celebrated its 100th anniversary, Millbrook Medical Conferences welcomed four new team members and organised 52 conferences! Of the 52 conferences, 16 were held online and 36 were face-to-face or hybrid conferences – a sure-fire sign the world is getting back to normal after COVID-19. Millbrook Medical Conferences (Millbrook) made its mark in several parts of the UK and abroad, visiting Bristol, Birmingham, London, York and Malta!

Keep reading for Millbrook’s highlights of 2023:

New Launches

Millbrook started the new year with the launch of a new website ( to give you the best user experience possible. As we’re sure you’ll agree, the new website is easy to navigate and brimming with information about the 16-strong team, services, case studies, and news, without compromising on the visibility and details available on its conferences. The most notable change is that each upcoming conference has its own identity outside of the Millbrook brand in the form of a fully customisable microsite, created in CVENT.

Event management software CVENT gives you greater ownership of your registration with the ability to amend your booking(s) by adding accommodation, additional days of attendance, or optional social events. You can easily add those extras or cancel them entirely at a later date should your plans change. In summary, CVENT makes for a much clearer, quicker and more efficient registration experience.

Millbrook Hub App
Millbrook recently launched the Millbrook Hub app. Initially launched for desktop users in August 2021, the Millbrook Hub is a free-to-use streaming service that features all of Millbrook Medical Conferences live and past conference content from the last two years. Now available as an app for Android and iOS users, accessing over 100 hours of medical education at your fingertips just got even easier.

From cardiology and interventional cardiology to vascular surgery, neurology and everything in between, 6,383 healthcare professionals currently use the Millbrook Hub to get their fix of first-class medical education.

Administration and Societies Work

British Cardiovascular Intervention Society
Millbrook continued its work as the secretariat for the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS), which currently has over 1,900 active members and is growing day by day. In 2023, Millbrook organised a total of 18 meetings for BCIS, equating to approximately 58 hours of education. The meetings consisted of education forums, a Research Day, an Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Study Day and its flagship conference Advanced Cardiovascular Intervention (ACI). BCIS ACI was another huge success, educating over 900 delegates and allowing every single one of them to participate through a dedicated app and education dome.

Valve for Life UK
Millbrook built on its relationship with Valve for Life as its administrator. Valve for Life aims to increase access to transcatheter heart therapies in the UK through various means, including the Valve for Life UK bus tour and webinars. The bus stopped at major cities such as Blackpool, Brighton, Bristol, Newcastle and Westminster. Here’s a breakdown of how many stethoscope checks were performed as part of the bus tour:

  • Blackpool – 267 hearts listened to, 16 murmurs, 18 AF and 28 cardiac queries identified
  • Brighton – 253 hearts listened to, eight murmurs detected, 11 AF and four cardiac
  • Newcastle – 351 hearts listened to, nine murmurs, eight AF and seven cardiac queries detected
  • Westminster – 335 hearts listened to, and 50 MPs engaged

In 2023, Millbrook organised two webinars for Valve for Life, including Streamlining Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation – Lessons from Around the UK and TEER for Mitral and Tricuspid Regurgitation.

New Projects
In addition to its work with BCIS and Valve for Life UK, Millbrook joined forces with the West Midlands Physicians Association (WMPA), the British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS), and the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) in Great Britain and Ireland. The Millbrook team is currently working on the inaugural 2024 BHRS Scientific Sessions and SCTS Annual Meeting.

New Recruits

Meet Charlotte Jones, a foodie and Swiftie, who joined the team as a Societies and Associations Administrator in March. Charlotte looks after the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society (BCIS), Valve for Life and WMPA. Charlotte goes above and beyond for BCIS and WMPA members, handling all memberships, queries and registrations with ease and efficiency. She is also responsible for keeping each website regularly updated with the latest news, upcoming events and on-demand educational content.

Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones

Shalome Quailey, a ray of sunshine, joined the team in late April as an Assistant Conference Organiser. Shalome manages several Millbrook conferences and webinars, including Yorkshire Cardiac Rhythm Management, Newcastle TAVI, and the Cardiff Echocardiography Course. She also supports the conference team on a wide range of conference-related tasks, adding additional capacity to our team where needed. Whether she’s finding the perfect venue, booking a course dinner, liaising with clinical leads and industry, Shalome does everything with a little song and dance!

Shalome Quailey
Shalome Quailey

Millbrook strengthened its team in June with the employment of Sian Rudkin as an Administrator. Sian is one of three of Millbrook’s administration angels who works incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure each PCO has everything they need pre- and post-meeting. Amongst many of her varied responsibilities, Sian takes care of event emails, creates and prints badges, ensures all events go through relevant online approval systems and arranges evaluation surveys and certificates of attendance.

Sian Rudkin
Sian Rudkin

Susanne Martin, Millbrook’s newest team member, joined in September as a Conference Organiser. Susanne is responsible for the organisation of several face-to-face and virtual meetings, venue sourcing, booking flights and transfers and liaising with clinical leads, industry, and audio-visual teams.

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Susanne Martin

In addition to our new team members, three team members Rebecca Hopper, Emma Robinson and Sarah Moore went on maternity leave and are due back to work in 2024.

The Winner Bakes it All!

The Great Millbrook Bake Off, Millbrook’s take on Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off, returned in September. The team was treated to sweet and savoury delights from a ‘Miss Crawley’ caterpillar cake (not to be confused with any supermarket caterpillars, we don’t want to be sued), apple bread, chorizo sausage rolls and more! However, it was Sian’s delectable Miss Crawley caterpillar cake and Mediterranean tarts that won her the coveted wooden spoon. Let’s be honest, when the team saw her bakes, they knew they were in serious trouble!

Sian's Bakes
Sian’s Bakes

Exciting Times Ahead for Millbrook

2023 has been an outstanding year and with many new invitations to tender, 2024 shows promise of being another busy and successful year! Thank you for supporting Millbrook throughout 2023.

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