What We Do

Millbrook Medical Conferences serves healthcare professionals worldwide by ensuring the delivery of first-class education through its range of in-person, virtual and hybrid conferences.

Face-to-face Conferences

From venue sourcing to budget control, production and set design, Millbrook’s dedicated team works to develop conferences that educate, inform and inspire. The Millbrook team is enthusiastic and has deep knowledge of the healthcare sector teamed with over 80 years combined experience in organising conferences and events.

Hybrid Conferences

Hybrid events, which combine both virtual and in-person elements, allows Millbrook to reach a wider audience and get the best of both worlds. The face-to-face aspect creates valuable networking opportunities, while the online element is ideal for those unable to travel, maximising your audience and allowing for a truly global presence.


Compared with a webinar, e-conferences tend to include more than one viewing screen, and often last for one or more days, rather than a couple of hours. With an e-conference, you can incorporate numerous functions, such as interactive exhibition booths, with video chat and highly-visual elements, as well as multiple streams of content.


Whether you are looking to attract 50 or 5,000 delegates, Millbrook has a suite of platforms to choose from tailored to the technical needs, programme aims and the desired effect you are after. Millbrook manages the whole process, from registration and delegate management, to on the day streaming and technical assistance, and managing recordings and on demand access.

Society Administration

Millbrook manages the administration for several societies, medical charities and healthcare initiatives. Millbrook takes care the admin-heavy tasks to ensure that every single aspect of your society runs like clockwork, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the tasks that only you can do, pushing the long-term success of your society.