A regular client of Millbrook Medical Conferences (Millbrook), the Barts Interventional Group (B.I.G) based at Barts Heart Centre, London, aims to provide practical education and training events within interventional cardiology. Traditionally, B.I.G’s annual course, Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course (ACIC) had been delivered face-to-face in the capital, but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented this from happening in 2021. Millbrook took the reins of ACIC three years ago. When Millbrook was assigned ACIC in 2019, it reported delegate numbers of 164. In 2021, however, ACIC attracted 362 delegates, an increase of 198.

Following the success of ACIC pre-pandemic and the e-Conference in 2020, Millbrook’s digital expertise were called upon once more by course directors Andreas Baumbach, Anthony Mathur, Daniel Jones and Didier Locca to deliver an excellent event in 2021.

Aimed at cardiovascular specialists and centres, ACIC focuses on recent, cutting-edge advances in cardiovascular imaging techniques linked to coronary and structural interventions.

The course directors led the creation of the programme which offered three category one external CPD credits. Throughout the immersive course, national and international thought leaders explored the latest state-of-the-art advances in imaging and their evidence-based applications in daily clinical practice.

Discussions included:

  • The Imaging of the ‘Normal’ Theatheromtous and Calcified Coronary Artery
  • The Leaky Valve: The Role of Imaging in Mitral and Tricuspid Interventions
  • The Stenosed Valve: The Role of Imaging in TAVI
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Cath Lab: A Look into the Future

The Solution

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, Millbrook created a bespoke, fully branded hub for ACIC through its customisable virtual conference platform, which provided delegates access to the live stream of the event and enabled them to visit sponsor exhibition pages, just like they would exhibition booths. Through the hub, attendees were able to download documents from the library and keep them together in an online personal briefcase and access Millbrook’s social media, giving them access to all the conversation surrounding the conference.

The event itself comprised pre-recorded presentations, a live keynote lecture from Ziad Ali MD and interactive panel discussion. Millbrook handled all the technical aspects, which meant that the speakers, including Ziad, could focus purely on their presentations.

Ziad Ali MD
Ziad Ali MD giving a presentation

Millbrook understands the challenges of maintaining audience engagement and participation with virtual courses, so its web-based platform allowed the faculty to incorporate new and imaginative ways to encourage this through online live polls, quizzes, Q&A and chat forums. These interactive elements used for ACIC allowed delegates to communicate with each other and ask questions to the faculty, as well as networking with industry representatives on their dedicated pages. Utilising such features created an interactive experience that was as close to a face-to-face event as possible.

Whilst the event was live, Millbrook monitored a help page for delegates who had queries regarding the platform as well as sitting in the ‘live stage’ room and the ‘green room’. This allowed Millbrook to be aware and responsive to every aspect of the course. Within the green room Millbrook briefed presenters before going live, which was extremely beneficial to them as it allowed them to ask any last-minute questions and to check all their audio-visual equipment was working as it should.

12th ACIC
Dr Krishnaraj Rathod presenting ‘Normal Coronary’

Millbrook’s web-based platform facilitated speakers from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and the USA participating.

In addition, Millbrook also handled all the administration and logistics prior to the course, including registration and delegate management, faculty and sponsor liaison and funding.

In the lead up to the event, Millbrook created promotional material, including the programme, email marketing and dedicated social media campaigns, to build a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Excellent virtual event in these times. Excellent broad range of speakers. Short sessions to keep interest.”

Attendee ,

The Results

The e-Conference was well received with delegates providing positive feedback on both its content and presentation. The survey for the Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course was completed by 100 people and shows:

  • All survey respondents found the course useful.
  • Programme – 100% of survey respondents rate the programme excellent or good
  • Virtual Platform – 100% of the survey respondents rather the virtual platform excellent or good.
  • Organisation – 99% of survey respondents rated the organisation of the e-Conference excellent or good
  • 98 delegates said that they are interested in attending future Advanced Cardiac Imaging Courses
Dr Anne-Marie Beirne
Dr Anne-Marie Beirne presenting ‘Case 4: Treated Vessel’

One delegate praised the appropriateness of the online ACIC and said: “Excellent virtual event in these times. Excellent broad range of speakers. Short sessions to keep interest”.

Other delegate feedback included: “Every presenter well prepared”, “Ease of access and open to everyone, excellent content”, “Timings kept well to schedule. Good mix of speakers and topics for different interests” and “Good organisation, interesting arguments.”

When asked what the best aspect of the course was, one delegate said: “Was very intrigued by the AI aspect of presentation and seeing how technology has advanced here,” while another commented: “I gained great insight on current techniques in cardiac imaging and enhanced my understanding on various procedures.”

The 12th Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course is now available to watch on the Millbrook Hub, which is home to a library of e-Conferences, webinars and recording of face-to-face meetings aimed at healthcare professionals. Users can login to their account by visiting https://www.millbrookhub.co.uk/mmc/login.

The 13th Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course is on the horizon and Millbrook looks forward to working with the Barts Interventional Group again. Again, the course will be virtual on Friday, 9 December 2022. Click here to register for the next Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course.

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