The winter conference is aimed at PCI operators and senior interventional fellows who are interested in enhancing their expertise in treating this complex lesion subset and exploring the value of purpose designed devices. Science continues to develop in this area, so the content of the meeting has evolved to accommodate these new perspectives.

Topics to be covered at BLmT include:

    • Introduction (hx of BLmT — Evolution of Bifurcation Stenting)
    • Update Bifurcation Therapy, including Latest from EBC
    • Update l Main Therapy — Surgery vs. PCI
    • When to Use LV Assist for l Main PCI
    • Imaging for Bifurcation
    • How to Assess L Main Lesions
    • Are all stents equal:
      For Bifurcation

For Left Main

    • Best Techniques:
      How to POT
      How to Do Cullotte
      How to Do DK Crush
      How to Do TAP
    • When Do You Treat Side Branches, including distal L main
    • Sidebranch Pressure Wire
    • DCB for Bifurcation
    • Is There Still a Role for Dedicated Stents
    • Lesion Preparation, including Calcium Modification
    • Angio Reviews